C L E M E N S   K U R A T L E                      







«With his quintet „Murmullo“, drummer Clemens Kuratle is adding an exciting facet to swiss independent jazz(…) no top-head conceptual art, but eclectic, progressive jazz(..)»
Tom Gsteiger (Der Bund/CH)

«This band unites musical personalities, able to execute Kuratle’s diverse compositions with impressive dynamics, urgency and personal touch (..)»
Norbert Krampf (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung/DE)

Born in 1991 in Bern, Switzerland, Clemens started playing the drums at the early age of 6. He is one of switzerlands most in-demand young drummers, a key member of harpist Julie Campiche's quartet, leader and composer of the critically acclaimed quintet "Murmullo", n
ominated for the ZKB Jazzpreis in 2019.
He draws his inspiration from his countless peers and from music from all over the world, be it the drummers of Burundi, indonesian gamelan, gnawa music from Morroco or the intriguing female choirs of Bulgaria.
Besides being a dedicated improviser and composer, he also joined the folk band «Moes Anthill».
currently tours with mexican saxophonist Gerry Lopez, and german saxophonist Nicole Johänntgen.
In 2014 he founded his quintet «Murmullo» featuring Jonathan Maag on tenor saxophone, Flo Weiss on trombone, Franz Hellmüller on guitar and Rafael Jerjen on Bass. The band released its debut, featuring 6 of Clemens' original compositions on QFTF in 2016. Murmullo is touring ever since and is nominated for the ZKB Jazzpreis 2019. 
Other projects include La Môme, avant-pop artist guy mandon and the improvising duo with spoken word artist, author and longtime friend Emanuel Bundi. A comission of the Jazzwerkstatt Bern in 2019 led to the foundation of the international quintet «Ydivide» featuring Elliot Galvin on piano, Dee Byrne on alto, Chris Guilfoyle on guitar and Lukas Traxel on bass.
He tours europe extensively. Highlights include: Montreux Jazz Festival, Cheltenham Jazz Festival,
12 Points Festival Dublin, Schaffhausen Jazz Festival, Hafensommer Würzburg, St. Gallen Openair,
unerhört Festival, Zurich, Blue Balls, Lucerne, Jazz in Church, Bucarest, Kozlov Club, Moscow, Bee-flat Berne, Moods, Zurich, and many more..